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One of the objectives of CSHIPP has been to find out best practices for industry-academia collaboration by mapping experiences from past and ongoing projects. The purpose has been to map experiences from past and ongoing projects and, based on this, provide insights into how to best capitalise the collaboration between project partners across different sectors, and draw best practices for the wider network.

To this end, our platform partner Pan European Institute at the¬†University of Turku has prepared a new research report “Best Practices in Cross-Sectoral Collaboration in Clean Shipping Projects” which is based on data collection through a literature review and expert interviews. Several individuals have been interviewed to explore their experiences of cross-sectoral projects, to discuss the lessons they have learned from cross-sectoral project consortiums as well as to give practical examples of what successful collaboration entails.

The aim of the report is to offer insights for anyone taking part in project collaboration, including ongoing and future projects, and for those who are at the application phase, or even just planning first ideas or building a project consortium. Moreover, the results may also benefit industry and academia representatives with or without prior experience of such collaboration wishing to establish a connection with each other.

The research report and infographic are available for download via the links below:

CSHIPP research report: Best Practices in Cross-Sectoral Collaboration in Clean Shipping Projects (pdf)

Infographic: Cross-sectoral collaboration in clean shipping projects (pdf)

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