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Industrialisation, globalisation and economic development have created the need for large shipments of goods and materials over substantial distances. Shipping is often the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation, especially for large amounts of cargo. However, some scenarios predict that emissions from shipping are likely to grow, largely due to expected increase in demand for maritime transportation.

To reduce the negative environmental impacts of shipping, many new technologies and measures are being explored. The latest CSHIPP report “State of Play and Future Needs for Clean Shipping” delves into some of the latest scientific and technical developments in the field of clean shipping. The report, prepared by CSHIPP partners at ATI Küste GmbH and Maritime University of Szczecin, sheds light on topics such as technologies for emission control, alternative fuels and all-electric power supply for vessels.

The report “State of Play and Future Needs for Clean Shipping” is available for download HERE.