CSHIPP – Clean Shipping Project Platform

CSHIPP brings together projects and organisations focused on enhancing clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region
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CSHIPP – Clean Shipping Project Platform

Our objectives

By concentrating on collaboration, CSHIPP strives to connect the dots between the various projects which look at the shared topic of clean shipping from different angles. By synthesising the projects’ results we are able to increase their impact and provide a more comprehensive perspective into clean shipping. Furthermore, showcasing the results of several projects working with clean shipping provides a fertile ground for new ideas and synergies to emerge and flourish.

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Latest News

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CSHIPP at the EUSBSR Annual Forum

The 11th Annual Forum of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR)…

Storymap and animation on clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region

Sharing knowledge on the environmental impacts of maritime transportation and the work done for clean…

Prolongation and current CSHIPP activities

Summer is nearly over and we in CSHIPP are getting back to our work stations…

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#EUSBSRforum2020 participants! Now is the time to network virtually! We are at the #PAShip stand together with @BalticComplete! Join us for a virtual chat over a cup of coffee or tea!👩‍💻☕️🚢 https://t.co/gXaANy1fhX CSHIPP_BSR photo

#EUSBSRforum2020 is on! Loads of interesting discussions taking place today so remember to tune in. We are also looking forward to meeting all interested participants at the #PAShip stand in the Virtual Networking Village. Join us for a virtual chat! 👩‍💻🚢🧑‍💻 #CleanShipping https://t.co/ywCvSOXEE5 CSHIPP_BSR photo

The 11th #EUSBSR Annual Forum takes place next week! Haven't registered yet? Not to worry! You have until Sunday to do so! ➡️ https://t.co/xrBnx2YYh8

We in CSHIPP are looking forward to meeting you virtually 👩‍💻 at the networking village! #eusbsrforum2020

Remember to register for the 11th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR to access all the topical discussions on the future of the #BalticSeaRegion! 👩‍💻

You can also meet CSHIPP and our #PAShip 🚢 #EUSBSR colleagues at the virtual networking village! 🇪🇺 🤝

https://t.co/O7TEChB7Bh https://t.co/M6ZDHyX2oP

There are seven #EU funded projects represented in CSHIPP, all working for clean shipping from different angles. Now you can learn about their work & results in the Baltic Sea region from our brand new interactive storymap! 🇪🇺 🚢 🗺️ ➡️ https://t.co/OKIoleMXkb

#maritime #shipping https://t.co/8mVPevLBXP

In the latest episode of Ocean, @euronews explores the work done in Europe to reduce harmful #emissions from #shipping with the help of new technologies. 🚢 💡

#maritime #CleanShipping