CSHIPP – Clean Shipping Project Platform

CSHIPP brings together projects and organisations focused on enhancing clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region
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CSHIPP – Clean Shipping Project Platform

Our objectives

By oncentrating on collaboration, CSHIPP strives to increase the impact of and connect the dots between the various projects which look at the shared topic of clean shipping from different angles. By synthesising the projects’ results we are able to provide a more comprehensive perspective into clean shipping. Furthermore, showcasing the results of several projects working with clean shipping provides a fertile ground for new ideas and synergies to emerge and flourish.

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Clean shipping discussed at the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference

The Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference took place in Lübeck, Germany on the 9-10…

CSHIPP is hosting a clean shipping -themed workshop at the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme conference

As part of the upcoming Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme conference in Lübeck, Clean Shipping…

Shipping and Environment II – Call for Abstracts

CSHIPP is involved in the upcoming international conference Shipping and the Environment II - From…

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So, what went on at the #Interreg @baltic_sea_prog conference in Lübeck last week? Read our summary of the discussions on #cleanshipping, business and platform collaboration ➡️ https://t.co/b95LlrcaTa https://t.co/sH5HQYtzzA CSHIPP_BSR photo

We are very excited to be involved in #EMD2019 and the the green shipping themed workshop "The green course towards #decarbonization: winning the challenge" ⛴️. Join us in Lisbon! https://t.co/z7uGu4OmFW #cleanshipping #sustainable #shipping #CSHIPP https://t.co/qjk1T1OijP
EU Maritime & Fish @EU_MARE
Workshops on #greenPorts & #decarbonisation will dock in Lisbon 🇵🇹 for #EMD2019!
On the menu:
🚢 port tech clusters
♻️green #shipping
⚓️green & #sustainable ports
Do you want to attend? Sign up here ➡️ https://t.co/alDPKhZ3Sp https://t.co/TPjDDswGNC

Our 2nd partner meeting is taking place in Hamburg today!🇩🇪We are busy discussing the progress made so far and plans for the future. Successful collaboration is key to achieving #cleanshipping outcomes 🚢 #MadeWithInterreg https://t.co/Zqxc65NWiZ CSHIPP_BSR photo

In terms of the legacy of project platforms, Jana Moldanova notes that #CSHIPP parners should be present in expert and task groups at various levels to ensure continuation and dissemination of platform results. Connections to business associations are also crucial.

How can businesses benefit from project platforms such as #CSHIPP? Bogdan Oldakowski from @BPO_ports notes that the results from platforms are likely to be of special interest to business associations who will disseminate the information to their members. #MadeWithInterreg

What can we expect from CSHIPP collaboration? According to Jana Moldanova, policy recommendations for sustainable shipping, synthesised knowledge, and clear analysis of findings for further utilisation are among the most important expected outcomes. #MadeWithInterreg https://t.co/S9gEe3YXtl CSHIPP_BSR photo