CSHIPP – Clean Shipping Project Platform

CSHIPP brings together projects and organisations focused on enhancing clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region
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CSHIPP – Clean Shipping Project Platform

Our objectives

By concentrating on collaboration, CSHIPP strives to connect the dots between the various projects which look at the shared topic of clean shipping from different angles. By synthesising the projects’ results we are able to increase their impact and provide a more comprehensive perspective into clean shipping. Furthermore, showcasing the results of several projects working with clean shipping provides a fertile ground for new ideas and synergies to emerge and flourish.

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Latest News

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New CSHIPP research report on cross-sectoral collaboration in clean shipping projects

One of the objectives of CSHIPP has been to find out best practices for industry-academia…

CSHIPP webinar on international clean shipping policies

Synthesising the findings of several European projects focusing on the implementation of policy-based and technological…

CSHIPP at the EUSBSR Annual Forum

The 11th Annual Forum of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR)…

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Thank you for the compliment and for taking part in the webinar! 😊🛳️ https://t.co/wiQqAsrg65

We've had a lot of interest in our upcoming webinar on international clean shipping policies - Thank you to those who have already registered! 🙂🙏

If you plan to attend but haven't yet registered, please remember to do so by the 26th of November! ⌛️


Our platform partner @ECOPRODIGI_BSR organises the project's final event online next week! Don't miss out on learning about the benefits #digital tools and solutions can provide for #maritime industry end-users and the environment! 🚢🌱 Register already today! ⬇️ https://t.co/JAB3SwNsg2
How have companies such as @j__lauritzen and @DFDSGroup benefited from the utilisation of #digital solutions? What kind of tools are available for #maritime industry? 🚢👩‍💻📡

Join our webinar on the 2nd of December to find out! ✨

Info & registration: https://t.co/2BQh3c6oPz https://t.co/M0g9IOOEbd

Our webinar on international clean shipping policies takes place already next week! Be sure not to miss out & register for your virtual spot already today! 👩‍💻🚢

More information & registration ✍️ https://t.co/fzBTFAYWas

#shipping #maritime #policy https://t.co/3c2tiAz05y

What are the implications of international clean shipping policies? How to ensure compliance? What kind of technology-based solutions are available? 🤔

Register for our webinar & join the discussion! 🗨️ 🚢

🗓️ 27 November
🕙 9.00-12.00 CET



📢 Registration is open for our interactive webinar on international #CleanShipping policies! Join us to discuss the impacts of selected policies, ways to ensure compliance & technology-based options for the industry. 🚢

🗓️ 27 November
⏰ 9.00 –12.00 CET