Event update 20.03.2020

Due to the on-going situation with coronavirus/COVID-19, the event “The Business of Clean Shipping” has been cancelled / postponed. We are currently looking into alternative ways of organising the event or the possibility of rescheduling the event for later date. Information will be updated on our website.


The activities of CSHIPP revolve around two key themes: the environmental impacts of shipping and the business potential in clean shipping. By discussing these themes both separately and simultaneously, CSHIPP strives to emphasise that environmentally friendly shipping and profitable business can very well support rather than exclude one another. With this ethos in mind, CSHIPP invites interested stakeholders to take part in the event The Business of Clean Shipping which is organised as part of the upcoming Danish Maritime Fair on Thursday, the 14th of May at 12.30-17.00.

The event focuses on the ways digital solutions contribute to gains in operational efficiency, reductions in emissions and return of investment. Furthermore, the event features a presentation of the Njord Project, which is a collaboration between Cargill, Maersk Tankers and Mitsui & Co. aimed at lowering maritime GHG emissions through existing fuel-saving technologies and exploring new technical solutions. Participants will also learn about how collaboration can be a catalyst for commercially viable green shipping and how a cost-benefit model can be utilised for assessing different clean shipping investments.

The event is organised by CSHIPP partners The Maritime Development Center and Tallinn University of Technology. Participation is free of charge and attendees will automatically register for the Danish Maritime Fair.

For more information and registration, please visit: https://mdc.center/events/2020/5/14/cshipp-conference-the-business-of-clean-shipping


12:30-13:30 Lunch and networking (optional)


”Collaboration as a catalyst for commercially viable green shipping – The case of the Getting to Zero Coalition and the Poseidon Principles” Kasper Søgaard, Head of Research, Global Maritime Forum

“Sustainable Business Models for Clean Shipping” Prof. Dr. Gunnar Prause, Tallinn University of Technology

CASE: Njord project – Fuel-saving reductions as an investor case and of the benefit for the shipowners and environment? Steen Sander Jacobsen, Head of Technology and Innovation, Maersk Tankers (TBC)

CASE: “Clean shipping through digitalization of operations and processes”

How implemented digital solutions for ship operations and port logistics contribute to gains in operational efficiency gains, emissions and return of investment for the 3 cases: Island Ferries, DFDS and J. Lauritzen.

Niels Gorm Maly Rytter, Head of Section, University of Southern Denmark
Marie Lützen, Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark
Mads Billesø, Senior Project Manager, Innovation and Partnerships, DFDS

Moderator: Jan Boyesen, Head of Projects, MDC

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