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Summer is nearly over and we in CSHIPP are getting back to our work stations to continue with our clean shipping activities. This autumn will, of course, be somewhat different from what we imagined it would be. Our original plan was to wrap up CSHIPP implementation by the end of September. However, due to COVID-19 complications our plans have changed a bit. Many of our partner organisations and projects have needed to adjust their work to the situation caused by the global pandemic and in many cases this has resulted in disruptions and delays in deadlines. Luckily, our funding programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region has granted us a prolongation of 3 months for project implementation. Thus, instead of finishing off our work by the the end of September, we will be able to continue with our work until the end of 2020.

So what are we going to deliver by the end of this year? Well, we are currently busy preparing and finalising outputs in various fields of clean shipping. This autumn the publications section on our website will be updated with reports on issues such as best practices to utilise research-to-business networks, an analysis of knowledge gaps, stakeholder needs and funding possibilities in the science-to-policy networks, a best practice report on how to ensure and control compliance with current and future IMO regulations, as well as a best practice manual on clean shipping financing. In addition, we will publish our digital storymap focusing on the work done for clean shipping in the Baltic Sea region. Furthermore, two policy guidance papers on shore power and scrubber washwater will be finalised and forwarded to relevant policymakers and maritime authorities. We are also currently exploring possibilities to organise online events to present and disseminate our findings to anyone interested in clean shipping.

We are looking forward to sharing our findings and outputs with you! Stay tuned for updates!